Sustainability is a big word, and needs to be approached with big thinking from multidisciplinary perspectives. To appreciate it in entirety, we need to zoom in on its parts- on specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). So let’s explore the ideas for achieving these goals.

sdg-3Good Health and Well-being

This category is aligned with SDG 3 which seeks to ensure health and well-being for all, at every stage of life. Solutions are aimed at maintaining or improving the quality of the environment to support health and encouraging active lifestyle which reduces health risks.

sdggoal61Clean Water and Sanitation

This category is aligned with SDG 6 which not only addresses the issues relating to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene, but also the quality and sustainability of water resources worldwide. Solutions involve sustainable water management using technology as well as natural systems. Education and awareness of water issues are also of interest.

global-goals_07_11Affordable and Clean Energy

This category is aligned with SDG 7 which aims to ensure access to reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all because energy is believed to be crucial in the eradication of poverty through advancements in health, education, water supply and industrialization, to combating climate change. Particular attention is paid to alternative energy development and efficient energy use.

global-goals_12_11Responsible Consumption and Production

This category is aligned with SDG 12 which focuses on promoting consumption and production patterns and systems that are sustainable. Careful use of natural resources and waste processing especially those hazardous to health are believed to be essential to allowing sustained economic growth alongside increasing quality of life.

global-goals_15_11Biodiversity and Ecosystem

This category is aligned with SDG 14 and 15 which are targeted towards preserving life in water and on land respectively since these ecosystems are foundations for social well-being and economic development. Whether coastal or inland, tropics or temperate, rural or metropolis areas, ecosystems provide crucial services and species -especially endangered ones- may be the key to the functioning of these ecosystems.

global-goals_11_11City Liveability

This category is aligned with SDG 9 and 11 which seek to characterise urban living with high productivity, accessibility, inclusivity, safety and resilience. Quality infrastructure and innovation in technology are important solutions to these goals.


This category is aligned with SDG 1 and 8 which aims to provide secure livelihood for all especially those who are more vulnerable while simultaneously supporting decent level of economic growth. Green economy and industries such as ecotourism as well as the concept of circular economy can be developed further in the pursuit of better, more sustainable livelihood.

e_sdg_icons-021Food security

This category is aligned with SDG 2 which commits to universal access to safe, nutritious and sufficient food at all times of the year. This will require sustainable food production systems and resilient agricultural practices, equal access to land, technology and markets.

e_sdg_icons-131Climate Action

This category is aligned with SDG 13 which calls for prevention, mitigation and response to the threat of climate change and its effects on development especially its widespread impacts which disproportionately burden the poorest and most vulnerable.

e_sdg_icons-171Stewardship and Partnership

This category is aligned with SDG 17 which advocates for a revitalized and enhanced global partnership that brings together governments, civil society, the private sector and other actors and mobilizes all available resources. On individual level it calls for greater ownership and stewardship of the society and the planet, especially in tackling issues that would determine the future of humanity.