Future of Integrated Stormwater Management

As climate change begins to take effect in more intense storms and rain becomes more unpredictable, stormwater management needs to be more adaptable and integrated with other urban needs. How does Taipei City approach this?

Farming Beyond Food Security

An education farm in Singapore and a farmstay in Vietnam may not have many things in common. But they are great examples of how farming is not just about producing food. How can we use new enterprise models for agriculture to keep it thriving?

Fueling Rural Development

While cities can afford to be more energy efficient, energy security is still a concern in rural areas. Energy is so closely tied to development and livelihood that it may seem difficult to focus on environmental impact of energy in rural areas. What potential does biofuel pose in rural Vietnam and what can we learn from this about dueling rural development sustainably?

Nature’s Hospitality

Siloso Beach Resort has an ambitious aim of blending life and leisure with nature. In its ecotour, the initiatives implemented to achieve this aim is shared and it makes a bold statement about how sustainable hospitality may look like. What does this mean for other businesses especially in the face of environmental challenges in the future?